Southbridge Garden Club

Savannah, Georgia

Motto, Affiliations, Location, Officers, Membership Information and Contact


Together, we will learn and discover the wonders of gardening right here in our own neighborhood.


Savannah Area Council of Garden Clubs
Georgia State Garden Club and Savannah Botanical Gardens.


Southbridge Garden Club is a part of the Southbridge Community in Savannah, Georgia, and was founded in April, 2011.


                 Photograph by paulette bomberger

We are always accepting new members! Previous gardening experience not necessary. If you are INterested, you're IN!

Membership fee: $30.00 yearly, which includes individual membership in Southbridge Garden Club and the Savannah Area Council of Gardens.


Southbridge Garden Club
 Liz Casella

187 Trail Creek Ln
Savannah, Georgia, 31405

phone - 912 -344-4204

[email protected]

Southbridge Garden Club Board 2017~2018

Elected Officers

President - Liz Casella

Vice-President - 

                                Treasurer - Debbie Yeagley

Recording Secretary - Pam Smith

Corresponding Secretary -~ Joanne McCollister

Appointed Officers

Web Manager - Liz Casella

Club Photographer - Mary Williams and Liz Casella

Sunshine Coordinator - Vicki Chubin

S.A.C.G.C. Representatives - Marie Foley

Board of Governors

Executive officers

Past President - Mary Williams

Advisory Council: Mary Tritch, Nicki Hansen

Standing Committees

Program Committee:  - Chairperson,

                  Members: Betsy Horne, Faye Markwalter

 Debbie Yeagley - Finance Chairperson

                                Members: Vicki Chubin, Eileen Matyjasik, Suzanne Walter

Beautification - Mary Tritch and Nicki Hansen Co-Chairs  

                            Members: Pam Smith, Amy McGuffey, Debbie Yeagley

    Boutique Committee - to be determined, November 2017



Tree downtown at corner of Bull and Broughton 

    Tree downtown at Bull and Broughton using Prisma App

Southbridge residents only

Decorations downtown Savannah